• Product Code: HDPE PIPE BBB

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe

As one of the major manufacturer of HDPE pipe in Malaysia, BBBTM HDPE pipes are demanded strict conformity to MS 1058: Part 2:2002 standard specifications. Our products are licensed by SIRIM and approved by the local water authorities to be the used as the top mark for quality. The granting of the top mark confirms that the company's manufacturing, testing and quality control systems complies with the stringent licensing requirements and thus ensures that the products quality is consistently maintained.

Principal Advantages for using BBBTM HDPE Pipe
- Light-weight for ease of installation and handling
- Immunity to corrosion, chemical and micro-biological resistance
- Flexible
- High impact strength and toughness
- Alternative installation techniques possible

Our products are examined and tested to ensure to compliance with all the relevant standard specifications. The specified tests are all carried out in our laboratory. They are as follow:-
- Appearance, dimensions and ovality
- Hydrostatic strength at 80° C for 165 hours
- Hydrostatic strength at 80° C for 1000 hours
- Oxidation Induction Time (OIT)
- Melt Flow Rate (MFR)